Bye bye {for a little while}

Hi everyone!

Julie-Ann and I have decided to take a holiday from this bloggy. I am so busy here and here and Julie-Ann is flat out with the Decorating Forum. But we are still hanging out together in lots of places, but just can't get the time to do this blog justice. So we would still love for you to find us in other places and join in our fun decorating discussions. Remember I am building a new house next year and will be blogging it, along with asking for everyone's advice on the Decorating Forum.

However, this is not to say we will be gone forever. Who knows?!

So thanks for all your support. We love you and will see you over on YOUR blogs.


JA & Katrina.

Ready, Set, Dissect: Pink Living Room

In the spirit of breast cancer awareness there has been an amazing campaign on Twitter this week - feelthemupFriday. We thought this was such a great idea to promote we would go pink with our decorating this Friday.

Do you think you can do Pink with style & sophistication?

If you want to see a little more pink take a peek at this beautiful pink Marie Antoinette Tablescape on the Decorating Forum.

And don't forget to take the time today to do a breast check.

A few questions about bills???

Just a couple of questions today...

Where do you store your bills? Do you file them, lay them out over the kitchen, or have a simple system? And for that matter - if you DO have a system, does that make it easy to pay them on time and juggle what needs paying when? Let's face it, not many of us these days find it easy to pay all our bills at once...

This is Katrina's system....

Yep, chuck them all in here.. so no it's really not a system - more of an "out of sight out of mind" approach. Don't think it works too well though as I am HOPELESS with bookwork or paying bills... (this is probably why the bank runs for cover when they see my name hahaha!).

Then I came across this photo:

Really? Check. it. out. There were some serious hours that went into that drawer! Shesh... could I do this? Hmmm... doubt it!

This is the best system I have ever heard of- it's from Lanne on the Decorating Forum.

What do you do with your bills?

Ready, Set, Dissect: Master Bedroom

Our friend Lanne from the Decorating Forum sent in this picture. She sent an email saying this was perfect for me- What???. The second email clarified it would be perfect for our game lol.

So are your Ready to Get Set and Dissect?

Pop on over and join in the chat on the Decorating Forum- be warned- we are known to have quite a giggle over there:)

Wednesday's Walk-through {on a Tuesday} Katrina's Sisters Home

Today we are sharing Katrina's sisters home...

There are so many nice features, that is was hard to narrow it down, so we decided to throw a mixed bag in there for you to look at. If you have been reading Katrina's blog for a while, you may have seen some of these pictures before.

Katrina's sister, Amie, built this massive home about 12 months ago. It's an ongoing project for them as the house in on half an acre. Like Katrina, Amie is a project junkie so since these photo's were taken some bits have changed! I think we all need to rally together and get this house in a magazine! Who is with us on this one??

What a beautiful home. I particularly loved the kitchen.
Do you love white kitchens? Have a look at what was the most popular colour for kitchens on the Decorating Forum.

Only a few tickets left for the BHG Live show- first in is a winner.
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