Wednesday's Walk-through

Today our Decorating Forum member Babyjo who designs beautiful bamboo clothing, blankets, pyjamas and gifts (Eco Friendly, highly renewable and sustainable and fantastic for eczema sufferers and super soft) shows us her stunning bathroom.

The house is an old concrete commission style house – not very pretty and very rundown when we purchased.

Our bathroom was “planned” at a pool bar in Thailand, when we decided we wanted to have the indoor/outdoor feel that we had seen in a few of the resorts we stayed in.

Our deep Japanese style Mizu bathtub is just beautiful to relax in and it is certainly a peaceful, quiet and favourite area of the house.

I love that we have an indoor garden, natural light and something unique – it never fails to get a reaction from guests who drop in.

My husband Andrew is the owner of Harveygroup Construction (Melbourne based business, specialising in bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations) 0413 11 33 77

You can tell Andrew is experienced in designing beautiful bathrooms.
Let Andrew & Jo know what you think of their amazing bathroom renovation.

We are chatting about our favourite bathroom tiles over on the Decorating Forum - come and tell us yours.


Kerry said...

That's a very beautiful'd have a bit of trouble leaving it in the morning wouldn't you?

Madonna said...

Great job, Jo and Andrew! What a beautiful haven to experience in your very own home. Love it!

Julie-Ann said...

Isn't it gorgeous- so peaceful and relaxing. Thanks for showing it to us Jo:)

brismod said...

What a transformation. I love the idea of the indoor garden too!

Jenny said...

I love the bathroom, feels like you are constantly on holiday in a resort.

Elements said...

What a great advertisment for your just so clever and eye catching....YOu should be so proud, very nice.

nbeltane said...

its so lovely. very similar to what i seen in a plan for the house that we wanted to build but we ended up building the barn instead. (which has just lead me to spend the last half an hour looking at the original house plan :))..

Lanne said...

This is the indoor garden:)

Babyjo Bamboo said...

Thanks Everyone! It is very hard to leave it in the morning - yes! I actually prefer to shower in the evening when night has fallen - the indoor garden has a little uplight/spotlight in it, and if you leave the other lights off, with just this one on, it is incredibly relaxing - my little peace of calm and quiet after a busy day!
I am thankful every day to my gorgeous husband for making this (and the rest of our very lovely house) such a special place for me!
Enjoy your day everyone!

The Rose Room said...

oh nice, looks like a luxurious hotel bathroom which is my fave kind! Rachaelxo

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