About us

In conjunction with The Decorating Forum, we are please to present to you the newest blog on the block....

So welcome. We have lots happening. Lots will be unravelled.

Some of you may know me from my personal blog Katrina Chambers.
This is what my blog says about me:
I am a mummy to 3 rascal boys and a wife to a hard-working Aussie bloke. I sell new houses for a building company and we have just moved into our own newly built house. I am obsessed with blogging and tweeting...actually include facebook and my iphone too! I like to think I am in my early 20s, but I don't like to stay up late like a 20 year old. I don't keep much to myself either. I am a magazine junkie and will paint a wall (in my new house!) every week a new colour if I could. I love a project.

This new blog has teamed up with Julie-Ann Hind and her highly successful and Number 1 ranked Google  site, The Decorating Forum. 
This is what Julie-Ann says:
I am a mum to a gorgeous teenage boy, a wife to a very busy man and I run two businesses- no wonder I am busy :-) . I work as an Interior Designer based in Perth. But a huge (and fun) part of my day is spent chatting away on the Decorating Forum which is a forum where we chat about decorating, renovating or building our homes. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it!

What are we about?

This blog is all about our homes. Original, quirky, fun, or on a budget...nothing will be excluded. You will see a collaboration of our friend's houses, those we like to drool over in magazines, fun games, product reviews and even recipes.

If you have something to share with us, please email us.
Or you may find me knocking on your door too!

Don't be shy and jump over to The Decorating Forum for a chat and some fun.


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