Wednesday's Walk-through

How is everyone this week? You have all been so quiet! Hope this freezing weather (if you are in the southern-southern hemisphere) is not ruining your moods. I am dreaming of Summer...

So today we have a little look at Melissa's idea for an empty wall. Clever chickie.
This is what she says:
"This wall used to be empty, adjacent to the kitchen. I got the cabinet, top and bottom for $40 total at an architectural salvage shop, painted, new top, new hardware and wa-la. We recently moved out of that house, and I never had time to put some big ol' turned table legs on either side of the open ends. I think that's all it needed."

Melissa has a cool blog called Raising the Rhyne Brine so pop over and say hi!

See you all on Friday!

Paint Colours {and giveaway winners}

Last week on The Decorating Forum we were discussing our favourite paint colours. Here are some of them.

Dulux Hogs Bristle...

Dulux Warm Neutral...

 Toffee Fingers...

Duck egg blue {so many shades and variations of this one, but you get the idea!}...

Solver Parchment...

Dulux Buff It...

Dulux Domino...

This is my 8 year old's bedroom {Dulux Domino}...

Dulux Grand Piano...

Dulux Antique White USA...

My home {Dulux Antique White USA}...

And here are a few of my other favourites featured in my home.
Taubmans Invincible for the kids playroom...

A traditional Colorbond colour 'Shale Grey' made into an interior colour for a feature wall in my family room and office....

What are some of your favourite paint colours?

Next on the agenda... we drew the winners of the Wine Wipes giveaway..... and the winners are

Alison Gibbs
Alicia - Time Worn Style

Julie-Ann will be in touch with you
to post out your prize. In the meantime pop over and see Gill and grab yourself a little case of Wine Wipes. My sister and mum were drinking red on the weekend and I sure wish I had a case handy for their purple teeth and lips! Not a good look!

Have a great week everyone!

Ready, Set, Dissect: Bedroom Nook

What do you think of this one today?  Julie-Ann found this in her travels. I am instantly thinking LOVE. Not so sure on the bed canopy though, but I would still be happy sleeping there! Oh and I could roll over early and check my emails (ah that's right I already do that anyway...but I wouldn't need to leave the bedroom and wake half the house up haha!).

Here is the run down on the game if you are not sure what to do.

Don't forget our GIVEAWAY! You must read up on these Wine Wipes. They are an essential item required in one's purse these days. No more embarrassing stains on your teeth or mouth from wine, chocolate, coffee...

Hope you all had a great week!

Wednesday's Walk-through: A Powder Room

Welcome Michelle from The Yellow House. She has done an amazing transformation on her powder room. Please enjoy her before and after pictures....

This is what Michelle says:
The BEFORE.....
Last year I gave it a coat of brown paint that was leftover in the basement. It was a quick fix to cover the purple color it was when we moved in. I didn't want to replace the sink and toilet at that point so I went with the brown/blue theme. The floor is the worst part I think. It's vinyl and discolored.

The AFTER....
And here it is now.....

The sink was a craigslist find for $50....

Ever notice how the magazines rarely show the toilet? Well, it's a part of life and here is ours....

I'd like to find some antique brackets and put a shelf on the wall above it. I've been hesitant to hang much on the walls so far because of the wallpaper.
The old trim was standard stuff so we installed all new moulding and added crown. "We" meaning my hubby, you know the drill. ;)

The towel holder was found on Ebay and the soap dispenser is from Target.

Ruffle towel from Target and the holder was found on Etsy.

So that's the bathroom! We're so relieved it's done because we've begun other projects.

A few things we learned on this room:

~ Wallpapering a tiny space is more difficult than a large room.

~ Decorative plumbing parts are expensive. I wanted nice shut off valves with the cross handles since they would show behind the pedestal sink. The plumbing supply had beautiful ones in nickel but they would have cost $120. For $40 and some wonderful free advice we ended up with something just as nice. We purchased the shiny silver ones and used a Scotch-brite pad to create a nickel look. The scour pad worked wonders and now we have "nickel" shut offs for a fraction of the price.

~ It doesn't hurt to ask about display items. Our toilet paper holder was the last of the set so we were able to purchase it for $30. It retails for $146.

~ Be sure to measure carefully and not rely on the store employees to figure out what you will need. With both the wallpaper and the tile we had to order more after starting because it was underestimated. This ended up costing us more time and money.

Overall it was a really fun room to do!

Hope you loved seeing Michelle's room! I had to stop in my tracks when I saw this makeover. The colours are divine. Pop over and say hi to her and please make sure you visit her little boys bedroom!!!

AND don't forget to enter our giveaway: Wipe That Wine Smile Off Your Face. These are such a nifty product and really have more uses than just for wine! Chocolate or coffee stains too....

Giveaway Time: wipe that wine smile off your face

We think it's time for another giveaway!

We are so excited to offer you 6 x tins of Wine Wipes.

What are they, you ask? 
This is from The Wine Wipes website:

We're all familiar with the unattractive dark film that red wine leaves on your smile. Well, now there's a solution! Wine Wipes are a quick and easy way to remove red wine stains from your teeth and mouth.

Developed with the help of a sommelier, Wine Wipes' proprietory blend of natural ingredients cleans red wine off teeth and neutralizes the palate, without interfering with the wine tasting experience.

Wine Wipes are packaged in a handy compact that contains 20 wipes. Our point-of-sale display boxes contain 20 compacts and are perfect for countertop or aisle placement.

Wine Wipes are made in the USA in a fully licensed laboratory. 

Well this is an amazing product! We have been lucky enough to become friends with Gill who runs her own "Wine Wipes Empire".... She is so much fun and is totally outrageous. You would be mad not to follow this chickie! Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you have to do to enter? 
There are lots of places you can enter. You don't have to do them all to be in the running though...

1. Comment in this post
2. Comment anywhere on the blog over the next week
3. Comment anywhere on The Decorating Forum
4. Tweet it and FB (let us know you did this)

"No more purple on your pearlies...."

Good luck!

Ready, Set, Dissect {it's a crazy one today}

Very very different today kids! We just know what you will all say! But give it to us anyway...

Who is this designer? Just testing you all to see if you know?

What do you think of his/her work? If you want to see more, email us and we will let you know who it is.

Not for everyone, but we love to see people's reactions. This is what makes this game fun!
And look at those jackets!

Hope you are all having a great week. Send us anything you think would be good for the blog because we are open to everything.

I am still discussing house plans over here and need some serious HELP.

Wednesday's Walk-through

Today's room is actually my (Katrina) own child's bedroom. We made a few changes last week.
This was my son's room beforehand. Why the change? He really didn't want Star Wars ( that's what I wanted! Hahaha) and it was time for a new doona (quilt cover).

So we moved his room around to accomodate a new desk too. Down went the Star Wars prints and we both decided his most favourite things in the world are skateboards, skulls and cool cars. I would have rather just picked one theme (as that is the OCD in me!), but I knew that this change in his room was meant to suit him. I threw caution to the wind and let him pick everything.

A new doona cover was purchased. He wanted skulls. Ok I can do that, I thought! And normally I like to layer the doona with blankets and throws, but he wasn't having that. So here is is, for all to see!

Here is the new desk. We purchased the bookcase a few months ago and this desk matches the set. Oh and he wants you to know those high-top's in the above photo are his new shoes (they take position on the chair next to his bed!).

The prints on the walls were gathered from magazines. We went to the newsagency after school and I let him pick 2 magazines, hence the skateboards and cars. Then I bought a few cheap frames, plus I had a few spare at home. We mixed them up and it was done! Mr Chambo hung them for us.

So there it is! Pop over to MY blog if you want to see more projects. In the meantime, I am asking for house plan advice on The Decorating Forum if you want to chime in and help me.

Have a great day!
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