Special Touches

Julie-Ann and I have been discussing elements that can make your home feel special, fresh and enriched. We decided that these 10 tips are easy to achieve and thought we would share them with you!

We would love you to share your ideas in the comments too.

1. Flowers - if you are like me you will have to buy them for yourself. And why not? After all, I am sick of cleaning up after stinky boys, listening to my husband snore and battle the supermarket. I deserve them! So do you.
Pic me.

2. Books/magazines - what's not to like about a bit of sweet fantasy? Whether it's a beautiful home book, an inspiring novel, or a trashy gossip magazine, I think we need a collection of these to help us escape from our monotony. Who doesn't need a good drool or a laugh?
Pic here

3. Aroma - kids and men? This is why we HAVE to have nice aroma. I love swanning around in a fresh smelling house. Natasha (who owns this photo) sold me some of these candles a while back. She wrote on her facebook last night that her husband rang on his way home from work and said.... "Hon, can you run me a hot bath, and put some of that stinky stuff of yours in it?" Coincidence but so true and hilarious! Even men need a good scrub up at times!
 Pic here

4. Cleanliness/no clutter - I know, I know, I am a little over the top. Yes this is my office at home and it stays like this. I can't concentrate or produce lovely blogs *wink* if I work amongst mess. It feels good to have everything in its place.
 Pic me.

5. Colour - a little bit of colour puts a spring in my step!
Pic here

6. Grouping accessories - grab all of your favourite things and group them in a little arrangement. You don't need to scatter everything all over the house. Leave some spots bare as a statement and group other things.
Pic me.

7. A bit of bling - whether it's perfume, a sequin cushion, chandelier or a lampshade with crystals, every girl needs a little bit of bling in the home. Show it off!
Pic here

8. A throw rug - the weather is getting cooler in Australia and this time of the year calls for a throw rug close by. I love cuddling on the lounge with one. My boys love them too and it actually doesn't matter what time of the year it is, they love a little rug across their legs.
Pic here

9. Fresh sheets - need I explain? Who doesn't love fresh sheets? Go on, tell me who irons them too??
 Pic here

10. Comfort food - coffee, chocolate.... what's yours? What's a home without some comfort food handy for everyone?
 Pic here

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We will be discussing lots of topics today over at The Decorating Forum, so we would love to see you there. Feel free to join in. We won't bite!



A-M said...

Oh your images are glorious Katrina... love the 'big' look. Great tips... you've absolutely got it covered...love the little birdcages... and yes fragrance is a must... soccer boot central here too ....must go make a coffee... that picture is killing me. A-M xx

MelsRosePlace said...

I love all the tips and photos...must admit i dont iron sheets or anything much at all if i can help it ! Mel xxx

Kerri said...

I agree girls, a pretty fragrant candle is so much nicer than eau de footy boot! Can't live without my coffee, and little arrangements and vignettes are a must. Loving this blog!
K xx

Julie-Ann said...

Such a wonderful blog today Katrina. I love my leopard print faux fur throw rug. I have to have lovely candles (we also have smelly soccer boots). I'm a great believer that a girl can never have too much bling, especially crystal chandeliers. My comfort food is a glass of red- which I might indulge in tonight:)

kim @ stellacake said...

My treat is perfume - I can be covered in food and boogies thanks to my three boys and one girl (and I frequently am!), my hair can be frizzy, and I don't wear makeup, but I always smell delicious. And that's enough to make me happy.

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I just now stumbled upon your blog. Are you sure you're not my sister? I have to have things neat and organized at my desk/computer area. Every single thing you said is me! I live in Texas, which means I get to say silly absurd things in a drawl, so: Honey, we have to have all those fancy magazines when we can't sleep cause our husbands are snoring!

Belinda said...

Such fantastic ideas!! Just bought myself a bunch of flowers yesturday to freshen up a buffet. Clearing the clutter makes such a massive difference to any room and will instantly transform it, its also very therapeutic ;) Love the Blog and all of your wonderful ideas.

Kerryanne English said...

Great post. I like to be surrounded by beautiful artwork too... but that is my passion, so nothing unusual about that. I think art is very emotive.

Elements said...

I love a big bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen.
It adds colour and reminds me between coffee and chocolate that I need to eat healthy aswell.
Freshly cleaned floors..especially wood under bare feet...I love that feeling....and all my windows and blinds open to allow a beautiful fresh breeze through my home.
You have well and truly covered all the other essentials and then some. Love it.

Melissa said...

I love the images and ideas here... So classy, yet still warm & inviting. Flowers, fragrance & splashes of colour can really make a lovely difference.

The dining table is just gorgeous, but I can just imaging my 3yo constantly "redecorating"!

h&b said...

I have bowls of fresh red apples around the house - I love the way they look, and there's always a handy snack for the lads :)

Beautiful share ladies ! x

M. Trigos said...

Great blog, great photos, well put! :-)

Justine said...

Hello Katrina & Julie-Ann,
This blog is gorgeous!!
I love it, I have only just read this post and can't wait to read more-boy have I missed you!! I need tips on time management!!How do you do it all Katrina with 4males in the house?
Anyhoo this is so lovely
noice one on the boogies!!

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Lovely pictures and ideas to help virgin decorators like myself.

Niki said...

Without a doubt a soft warm blanket & textured cushions & a good cup of tea.
I love my tea at night.
Oh and Lamps, lots of lamplight.

The Moerks said...

So true, so true, we are a family of cosy rugs, fresh flowers and usually a tidy desk. (at home not work) I just love the birdcages and glass bottle things.

Kerry said...

Fabulous, fabulous list. I do like a bit of creative 'clutter' though and lots of art on the walls. I don't iron the sheets but my mother does and I have a friend who pays to get hers ironed. Psst, my mother even irons undies..oh yes she does! Hot chocolate in winter or a glass of red and G&T or a sauv blanc in summer. That should just about do it.

julie-Ann said...

Just about to light my special candle - the lid is like a diamond ring so that's the bling. Throw over my lap the faux fur throw and poor that glass of red. Whilst reading a couple of decorating magazines. But of course the reading is work for the Decorating Forum- tough job I know (wink).

Natasha Burns said...

Great list Katrina! You've thought of everything!!!

angela sargeant said...

Love your rationalising on buying flowers... I'll be buying some first thing tomorrow morning!

Oh, and I iron my sheets too. :)

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

All true!

LibbyB said...

Hi girls, love this blog and Katrina, yours is a must for me, makes me laugh.

LibbyB said...

oh,p.s forgot to add that I iron my bed linen too, love that crunch of cotton sheets.

MJ said...

Oh deliciousness here- agree with all them...now to get my hubby to agree on everything in it's place...hmmm.

A Cajun Down Under said...

Love the colours! And, your office is insanely clean.

Toni said...

Yep I'll take the Chocolate, Flowers (yes I buy my own every week), grouping, throws and fresh sheets!

Love your apothecary jars too :)

No I don't iron my sheets or pillowcases or tea towels!

Kelly said...

I love beautiful things. This post rocks!

the textured leaf said...

they way you 'put' number 6. was very well done.
Im off to 'leave spaces' right now.

Lisa Kavenagh said...

What a fab list of things...all which I agree on.

Alison Gibbs said...

Fabulous post Katrina.
So many things we an do.
First I really need to be strong and declutter!! Just so hard to get rid of things you love but don't need

Amanda said...

Great post and a great list. Flowers are definitely a nice touch in the home and I agree with all the other points too :)

AnastasiaC said...

great post! i also have Natasha's candles - so pretty and they smell divine!!

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