Calling all bloggers: do you want a feature?

We have a few Wednesday's Walk-through candidates ready to go, but we like to be well prepared.... 

So I am calling all bloggers who have:

Before & After pictures
Finished Rooms they are proud of
A Great Garden
A Renovation in progress 
A New House in progress

We are receiving huge hits to our blog on Wednesday's and bloggers who have featured are gathering new readers.

This is great for the blogging community! We survive and people keep coming back only thanks to your comments and shared features.

So please email me if you have something to offer. It helps keep the blogging world interesting and fresh.

Gorgeous boy's room from Decorpad.

PS. Don't forget to enter our GIVEAWAY
We are announcing a winner this Friday.


Sarah B said...

What a great idea. I'll definitely be in touch!!

Cheryl said...

what a great idea....although I don't think my house is up to the standard of some of the pics I will still send them in when we finish bits

Jenny said...

Hi Katrina, yes I would love to.

A-M said...

I will when I get back on my feet pet.... a post on postage stamp sized apartment living perhaps... storage secrets? A game of 'where on earth does she keep her rice cooker' perhaps? I will take photos of my giveaway and send them through to you or else they will be packed away for 2 years and I'll never find them. A-M xx

Julie-Ann said...

There are so many beautiful blogs out there. I can't wait to see what we can feature. Great room Katrina:)
I hope you feel better soon A-M. I might be mad but I would love to downsize to an apartment with a single pot plant on the balcony:)

AnastasiaC said...

ohh yes - i hope to soon!! im currently planning a new kitchen so will defn contact you soon!!

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