Giveaway Time: wipe that wine smile off your face

We think it's time for another giveaway!

We are so excited to offer you 6 x tins of Wine Wipes.

What are they, you ask? 
This is from The Wine Wipes website:

We're all familiar with the unattractive dark film that red wine leaves on your smile. Well, now there's a solution! Wine Wipes are a quick and easy way to remove red wine stains from your teeth and mouth.

Developed with the help of a sommelier, Wine Wipes' proprietory blend of natural ingredients cleans red wine off teeth and neutralizes the palate, without interfering with the wine tasting experience.

Wine Wipes are packaged in a handy compact that contains 20 wipes. Our point-of-sale display boxes contain 20 compacts and are perfect for countertop or aisle placement.

Wine Wipes are made in the USA in a fully licensed laboratory. 

Well this is an amazing product! We have been lucky enough to become friends with Gill who runs her own "Wine Wipes Empire".... She is so much fun and is totally outrageous. You would be mad not to follow this chickie! Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you have to do to enter? 
There are lots of places you can enter. You don't have to do them all to be in the running though...

1. Comment in this post
2. Comment anywhere on the blog over the next week
3. Comment anywhere on The Decorating Forum
4. Tweet it and FB (let us know you did this)

"No more purple on your pearlies...."

Good luck!


Bronnie Marquardt said...

Haha ... wine wipes = genius!

Sarah B said...

What a quirky product! I must say I often go for white instead of red wine to avoid those stains. What a fun giveaway!

Julie-Ann said...

The best product ever. I use them often- actually a little too often. Love my red wine lol.

Alison said...

OMG what an amazing idea.
What will they think of next!
Count me in for this giveaway

Julie-Ann said...

You know these are also brilliant to use after coffee or chocolate. Or if you have had a really heavy night and indulged in all 3 delicious treats- read wine, chocolate and coffee:) A keep a packet in my MIL style handbag all the time. You can check it out on the Decorating Forum-

Claire said...

A very clever idea, I'd love to enter

Claire said...

Just 'share'd on FB too

Julia said...

ooohhh I always have this problem, I would definitely keep them in my bag, they would be so useful!

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