A Very Organised Office

Lanne is one of the most organised people I have ever met (or because of the internet world - never met). Followers on the Decorating Forum will know what I mean:).
Lanne runs a successful photography business - Painted With Light- and has shown us the odd glimpse of her office set-up on the Decorating Forum but today she reveals to us her Media Room for clients.

"We have a couple of rooms for clients and this one is our media room. It is used for client viewing and ordering appointments. We have tried to keep it to our brand and style, but not make it into a traditional sales area. Clients watch their slideshow and make selections over either morning tea or if it is an evening appointment a cheese platter or dessert.
The colours stick to our branding of 60% white, 30% grey and 10% school bus yellow. The room has a dark grey carpet and blinds and the furniture is simple and mostly ikea. It is simple, minimalist and functional.

The candy is a must. Clients tell us it is like going to the movies.. so we added M&Ms.. very popular. The second image is of our storage cupboard. We keep the dishes and serving items in a white 'billy' bookcase from ikea with glass front doors. We added a large photographic print to the doors. Each door is approx 20 x 40 inches.

This desk is a recent purchase from Officeworks. The Sierra desk is awesome value and it gives us a place for clients to sign EFTPOS receipts and sign off on orders etc. There is a 30 x 40 canvas on the wall above it and some brochures/business cards stored in a Kikki stationery holder.

YUMMY snacks for client viewings. We keep a record of all of our clients preferred snacks and ensure we have them ready for appointments. Clients also love T2 teas and sugar cubes. The yellow cups were from Freedom and we use them to hold spoons, bags etc. Our Painted with Light letterpress business cards. We bought the cushion from etsy.com and asked for a custom colour combo.

And the main event. We use a 32inch screen calibrated by our printer so that clients can see the images exactly as they will print. The media cabinet (Ikea) stores an apple macbook which runs our software and screen. We operate it with an Apple Wireless keyboard and bluetooth mouse. The glass fronted cabinet was perfect for this. We also have a large grey rug (an Ikea bargain) and a simple off white sofa and coffee table with storage underneath + side tables (lack from Ikea). We had the wall decal custom made to match our colour and branding. Our second brand Light + Love uses this same pattern on the back of the business cards. "

What an amazing Media Room. Now do you see what we meant by organised?
Join Lanne and all our other members over on the Decorating Forum to help get your office organised.
By the way I have told Lanne to record that I would like a nice Chardonnay & King Island Dairy Seal Bay Triple Brie and Maggie Beer's Spiced Pear Paste for when I visit:) Do let her know what your preference for nibbles will be when visiting her Media Room.


brismod said...

I like a well-thought out professional space which has a consistent theme. This one shows an eye for detail which is so important in specific professions.

M said...

Lanne has managed to combine a professional space with a comfortable atmosphere.

I'll be in touch when we're ready for our next family photos!


Julie-Ann said...

I love the way you have used the yellow in the room- just splashes of it here and there. It looks so professional but fun too. It would be the perfect place to check out some lovely family photos whilst sipping Chardonnay. Mr17 has requested the M&M's for when we come to visit lol. Thanks for showing it to us:)

Bronnie Marquardt said...

Beautiful. First impressions do count ...

Lanne said...

Aww thanks guys. It is practical but pleasant. I indulge a little more in my actual office space .. which is looking anything but organised at the moment. hehe.

Julie-Ann I have you down for pear paste, brie, chard. (we dont serve alcohol LOL) and the M&Ms are on tap around here.. so M17 would be fine!

Leonie said...

Lanne did a beautiful job on this room,& the presentation for snacks etc is gorgeous.

A Room For Everyone said...

Hi Julie-Ann, thanks so much for your lovely comment today..I look forward to getting to know you too. I'm sure I've visited before but it's been a while I'm afraid. You have so much inspiration and practical, stylish ideas here. I'll be looking at lots of your posts over the next couple of days..This one is great, it makes me want to sort my home office now! Rachaelxx

Julie-Ann said...

Lanne is very inspiring. I often find she gets me going and organised with her suggestions on the Decorating Forum. She actually is responsible for starting my affair with Kikki K:) I'm glad you enjoyed looking through the blog Rachael:)

Elements said...

Lanne, you are so clever with this space...its gorgeous. Can I say it goes to show how professional and passionate you are about your business that you have put so much thought into your clients surroundings...Now I quite like Peanut M&M's but only the orange ones....we are cheeky aren't we.

h&b said...

Gorgeous Lanne !

I do love your colour combo ( and we own a lot of the same IKEA stuff :) ~ very talented, chickie !


Lanne said...

Thank you for all the kind feedback :)

Amanda said...

What a gorgeous space - I love the colour palette and especially the way this ties in with their branding. Lanne has done a fantastic job and created a really stylish look. I adore that cushion - I wonder which etsy seller it was from...?

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