Wednesday's Walk-through

Today we are having a look at a lovely twitter friend/boss of Katrina's, Peter Brewer. Peter is an Inline Media Manager for the Professional's Real Estate Group based in Brisbane, Australia. Peter is also one of our lovely advertising friend's with a great free offer - click on his ad on the sidebar.

He showed us a few pictures of his lovely home and we thought this was a great feature to share with you because it's much different to what we have seen thus far on the blog.

Peter says:

Michelle and I are in our 50's living in Manly Brisbane with 2 kids still at home aged 16 and 19.

It was designed by Michelle and I with Architect Philip Gough. We went for a beachy earthy feel and an open plan style for easy family gatherings. Wanted to have the kids close by as they grew (not so much now!)...

Benches are Stone Italiana. We went with a Smeg Oven as a piece of furniture plus I love cooking!

Ritek roof makes for a trendy feel plus is low maintenance.

Built in 2004. House is on 638 sqm.

Enjoy the tour!

 Hope you got to see our post on Monday about Organising YOUR Kitchen

Julie-Ann has been busy chatting about Laundry Organisation on The Decorating Forum if you need some inspiration on that one.

Back Friday with our Ready, Set, Dissect Posts. Thanks for your comments! It keeps us motivated!


Gail McCormack said...

When can I move in?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Katrina we are going to enjoy having a BBQ on that beautiful deck when u come to Qld. Lovely home Mr B.

Julie-Ann said...

What a stunning home and so big. I hope MrB helps Mrs B with the cleaning lol. The balcony and the views are incredible. I love the windows near the hotplate in the kitchen. Actually I love a whole heap of things. So with that big a house there must be a few guest bedrooms for us when we come and visit???

Milena said...

This is an amazing looking house! It has that WOW factor. I love the exterior of the house especially the balcony looking over to the sea. The view is amazing! The kitchen is just gorgeous, love the idea of those two little windows between the oven. And the white fridge just fits nicely with the white kitchen. Nicely designed house.

Amanda said...

Wow, what an awesome home!! So stylish and bright and modern.

nbeltane said...

such an amazing looking house, love the kitchen and those balconies look wonderful.

Sophie said...

i love this!!! and I love your blog :)

please check out mine...and follow it! I will do the same for your blog


Jackie M said...

I feel awful saying this but, dont like much about this house maybe Im just not into the in city living hmm just cant put my finger on a style to relate it with

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