Wednesday's Walk-through

Welcome Mandii from Shabby Dreaming. She is a shabby chic queen! Here is some serious white eye candy. Love it.

What Mandii says: Our home is made up of my Husband and our Gorgeous 2 sons and me. We also have 2 furry pup's who spend most of their time inside with us.
We live in a Victorian town called Sunbury which is about 15 min's drive from Melbourne Airport.

We have lived in our home for around 9 years and built it ourselves. The outside is a modern bagged home. When stepping inside you wouldn’t believe that the outside and inside are part of the same home. Our interior is decorated in Shabby, Cottage, beach style, hmm quite a handful (and yes it is possible with kids)!!

When decorating I started with painting just about every piece of furniture white, gives a fresh crisp feel to a room and lets you ad almost any colour. I like subtle hints of pink and blue, not too bright though.

Dining room: I purchased most of the furniture for this room, from either ebay or from op/thrift stores. The old Queen Anne table setting has been admired by many is really is a focal point in the room along with the Vintage Chandelier fitting that hangs above her. The blue crystals really bring out the blue in the feature wall. The French doors aren’t original. We had those put in a couple of years ago and it adds so much more appeal and light to the room.

The front sitting room is also known as the pretty room. It’s a warm light filled room and is lovely to sit in to read a book or host an afternoon tea. Probably my favourite thing about this room is my sofas; I love that I can remove the covers and wash them or even change them depending on the season. You can add throw cushions or have them without and they look lovely!

The large cabinet featured houses our television. I hate when you have a lovely room and then a huge ugly television on display!! This way we have best of both worlds a lovely room that also has the function of a movie room.

It is our dream to purchase an old beaten down cottage and renovate and hoping that our dream isn’t too far away!! We are currently in the middle of remodelling our ensuite and guest bathrooms, along with our son's rooms. A lot of work but I love it!!!Thanks for visiting 2 rooms of our home!!!

And I decided to add these extra photos on Mandii's lovely home. Pop over to her blog for a better look around.

In other news...remember to jump over here. I need your help with renovating tips. Pretty please!

Back on Friday with Ready, Set, Dissect. Feel free to email me pictures you come arcoss to dissect. I have had a couple of great ones lately.


shabbydreaming said...

Thanks Gorgeous lady!!
I feel so humbled to have our home featured here on your stunning blog!! When you live in the home and enjoy it everyday you tend to loose appreciation for it, and when people comment and say " WOW stunning home" I tend to say " yeah it's ok" but when looking at the pictures Im think wow it really does look nice!! hmmm thanks again Babe, you have made my week!!!

Gail McCormack said...

Mandii's house is so Very Pretty!

Would love to enter the giveaway, love the fabrics


McCarthy Designs said...

Mandii has a gorgeous house, I will head over and check out her blog! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway I would love to win some of that fabulous oilcloth, please count me in. xx

Kelly said...

oh how I would love a house like that!

I'd love to go in the draw!

Kerryanne English said...

I've long been an admirer of Mandii and her gorgeous shabby style. Pleased to see her featured on A Very Fine House.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Elements said...

What a beautiful Home, Nothing has been missed and I especially love the little blue crystals that match the blue vase on your table....just georgous.

Kerry said...

I really love the dress in the corner of the dining room. So unexpected but perfectly suited. Great house.

Julie-Ann said...

Mandii's home is absolutely gorgeous. It feels so warm and welcoming. So many beautiful treasures. Your chandeliers are stunning and the floor lamp is amazing- I have never seen one like that.
Thank's also to Susie for her lovely prize. Her oilcloths are stunning & practical too:)

Susie said...

What a gorgeous house, I want to move. Thank you for sharing.

Susie from
I Just Love That Fabric

Alison said...

Katrina and Julie- Ann love that you have showcased Mandii's beautiful home. She is such a sweetheart

laura may said...

Absolutely gorgeous rooms!! Great choice from a great blog. Lucky Mandii!


Lanne said...

such a pretty spot.. makes me want tea and scones... thanks for sharing your home with us.

brismod said...

It's a very pretty home and I think Mandi has done this style extremely well.

Delcie said...

So glad you featured Mandii's home. I'm happy she is teaching her two young boys to appreciate the 'pretty room'. It is great to have so many romantic shabby touches featured.

Natasha Burns said...

Love Mandii's house, it's gorgeous! I'm lucky enough to have been inside it. It's every bit as gorgeous as those picture :)

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