Wardrobe Organisation

How did you go with your kitchen organising from last week? I had lots of emails and tweets letting me know you were inspired!

This week I thought we could talk about wardrobes (or closets). Hand up if you are guilty of mess behind closed doors? ME! ME! ME! I am good at making the most obvious areas of my home clean, but I am shocking at shoving things into cupboards willy nilly.

Following the principles of last week about sorting and deciding what is needed and not needed (go back to last week if you didn't get to follow it) the same applies here.

Wardrobe organisation is serious stuff for some people. I have seen some of my friends cupboards and they love sorting and organising! Puts me to shame.

So what I want to know is:

Do you colour coordinate your clothes?
Do you hang or fold?
Do you have a spot for your shoes? Are they in boxes?
Do you have somewhere for your jewellery, scarves, belts etc?
Where do you put your socks and undies?
Where do you put your pj's?
Do you have an organised system for your kids?
Do your kids robes hold their clothes and toys?

Here are some pictures to help get you in the mood.

Decide on the purpose and function of that cupboard/robe/closet. 
You will need some things to help you:

Think about your hangers. Do you have some for shirts, skirts, pants, heavy jackets? Do you need more? Do you want them to match?

Your shoes, where are they? Are they sitting neatly, or thrown in the cupboard (mine are!)? Can you put them in boxes?

Is your wardrobe hosting other items? Examples: suitcases, toys, paintings, photo albums? Mine do.... Are they grouped together? Do you need some storage tubs? Can you put colourful ones in the kids rooms?

Do you need more shelving? Can you easily add some? Can you double hang some clothes to minimise space? I find the kids clothes are so small that a double hung area is the best! I also asked my husband to put an extra shelf in their wardrobes recently and it was so easy to do - made a world of difference.

Small spaces can look just as good. It's just being sure that nothing is in the space that is not needed or could go elsewhere. 

What do you think? Could you give it a go?

Join us on The Decorating Forum today as we are always talking about organisation. Kids rooms seem to be the biggest battle. Do you have this struggle?


shabbydreaming said...

My wardrobe is a NIGHTMARE!!! I should give this a go for sure!!
have an great week sweetie!!

Momma Rhyne said...

Oh, I just love organized closets!! i really want to reorganize ours once we move with all wood hangers and get rid of 50% of our clothes that we don't wear. Great pics and great suggestions!

Lorraine said...

Mine is not too bad Katrina, I had a big cull a few weeks ago!!! Still need to tidy a little though. As for shoes I have all mine in Pink Lily boxes, Hubby has his in the same type of boxes. All our clothing is hung on wooden hangers we bought from HSW.
Love all the pics you have posted. xox

Julie-Ann said...

Such dreamy and neat wardrobes Katrina- I love the pink one:). I arrange all my clothes according to season and casual and dressy. I have used those coathangers where you put 4 items on one for skirts- I must get more as they are great. All my shoes for the season are on shoe racks & the other season packed away in boxes. I would love to have out WIR fitted out by one of those companies that specialise in them. They have so many great ideas. Even Ikea have a great wardrobe system.

AnastasiaC said...

mine is pretty good at the moment, ive decluttered quite a bit as I do at the end of each season!
Do you colour coordinate your clothes?
Do you hang or fold?
Do you have a spot for your shoes? Are they in boxes?
I have a jewellery box and I also store loose earrings on a cute vintage plate.
Scarves, belts are hanging in the built-in wardrobe and i have an underwear/bra draw
as well as a seperate draw for socks and stockings
PJs are in a tall boy chest along with tracksuits and Tshirts.
My Boys are pretty organised too with a large built-in wardrobe as well as a tall chest of drawers for everyday wear...i donate their clothes that no longer fit or give them to friends with younger boyS!

ani's house said...

I have no built-ins - just actual wardrobes!! never really bothered me until right now!! I have the plastic shoe hanger for the door though which works a treat!

MJ said...

I just want to cry after looking at these photos...like really cry.
This is the sort of organisation I would love to have..but to be honest part of my wardrobe houses some of my equipment :(

B is building a house said...

We are currently building a new house and will have a chance to build all our built-ins and a walk-in (walk-through) from scratch.
Great post! Gives me lots of ideas.

I am not much of a hanger, I am a folder and will therefore need lots and lots of shelves. Just one or two "columns" of shelves will NOT suffice.

B is building a house

Jenny said...

Great post with lots of ideas for people. We had buit-ins done but I am not overly happy with the layout. I need more space or less clothes! ;-)

Alison said...

Most days I can walk into our walk in robe BUT somedays I have to tread carefully. Shoes and well more shoes always seem to be in the way definitely need something else for the shoes as the hanger on the back of the door annoys me(can't shut the door!!) Everything is hung on wooden hangers in some sort of order eg. shirts,tshirts short sleeve, business shirts, shorts, jeans, business trousers, jackets for hubby.
Could do with a bit more organising

Anonymous said...

OK so at this precise moment, I have more clothes on the floor than on the shelf....YEP slap me stupid, I know! I am going to sort & toss tomorrow after work..then it's on to the kids rooms!
ususally I have my hanging clothes on white wooden hangers that I got from the Reject shop (3 for $2 = BARGAIN!) they have the little indents so shoe string staps & the likes don't fall off & they have the bar that goes across covered in clear plastic that stops this rolling off. LOVE THEM! My clothes are colour co-ordinated, make for less fuss when you are looking for a particular colour top to go with your outfit.
Shoes: Most of them are in boxes, the clear ones (Reject shop, $4 for 2, I think!) I can normally fit 2 pairs in each box. Boots stay in the long boxes that they were bought it. Thongs all fit in the same box.
Belts have their own hanger (a belt hanger from Big W) & my scarves go on a separate hanger.
Undies & bras in top draw of tall boy, next down is socks & hoisery.
Then pj, sorted into summer & winter.
Hmmm sounds like a mini novel or an advertisement for a storage mob!

Ange said...

Ohhh some gorgeous closets here! We have just redone ours...

from sketch: http://angelenefay.blogspot.com/2010/05/teaserthe-wardrobe.html

to reality: http://angelenefay.blogspot.com/2010/05/sneak-peak-at-my-new-wardrobe.html

sorry for all the links

My clothes aren't colour coordinated though!~

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