Ready, Set, Dissect {Living Room}

Something a little different today! Go on, let me have it. I know you are dying to tell me what you think! If you are new to the game go HERE to see what it's all about.

Picture from Decorpad.

I am chatting on The Decorating Forum today. No excuses for me! I am staying in my pj's all day while the kids at in daycare/school. Come and join me!

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Lauren McKay
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Juli said...

Thought #1: Wow! Very masculine, very streamlined, very clean.

Thought #2: Maybe too masculine?

Thought #3: Gaaaa! The sunlight is going to KILL those prints nearest the window! They'll be all washed out in a year.

Julie-Ann said...

I agree with Juli very masculine. This is not a style I am fond of but it looks pretty good to me. I love the little wooden sculpture near the window.
I like the chairs.
I really dislike the steel cabinets but they actually seem to fit.
I like the pictures but not what I would have expected in this room.
What I really love is the room makes a statement and has personality- just not mine.

Kerri said...

Meh - doesn't do much for me. I do like the print wall and the drum stool...oh, and the throw, but the rest - not so much. Having said that, if it was a bachelor pad, it would probably be pretty perfect. Seeing as though I'm neither single, nor male, it's not something I'd go for. But I do like these posts, so keep 'em coming! K xx

Third Avenue Style said...

Acually it isn't necisarily my style but I really like it - I think it is the lockers that really get me in.

brismod said...

I am fond of the different elements e.g danish style arm chairs, but all together it does not work for me.

Momma Rhyne said...

As a tomboy, I love lockers. Looks like a really clean TV room for my boys (when they are teenagers in 12 years, LOL)

Maja said...

I agree with Juli that it is a rather masculine look, but I like the contrast between warm wood and metal. It is always so difficult to incorporate things such as stereos and TVs in more feminine spaces (that's why you rarely see them in stylist's shots) but here TV doesn't stick out, but is rather nicely incorporated in the decor. Overall, not a bad room, with some cushions and some soft billowy curtains.

Kim G said...

I love it! I would love to have this as my kids' games room - very simple, neutral colours, easy to keep clean, heaps of storage... I love the prints on the wall...

I saw lockers a bit like that at Ikea last week and couldn't talk my hubby into them.

Gail McCormack said...

I wouldn't like it to be mine.

However - I love it!

Well done I say. First glance, I thought too many lockers, looking again I realised the Lockers are the main characters.

Melissa said...

Not my usual taste but i dont hate it,i have found myself more and more drawn to earthy, natural elements lately i think they are timeless!

Jen Jen Qld said...

I love the art grouped,
I love the row of lockers,
I LOVE the Danish chairs and side table,
I like the lounge, and think the wooden bowls are gorgeous;
but I don't think they all go together.

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Hey I love lockers, what can I say ~ see my post on my own green groovers here ;0)


Lauren McKay said...

Yay! soo excited about the tablecloth!

Elements said...

I am not sure I love and I don't love it....I love seeing the mix of wood and metal and the hole apartment/loft feel it has...I am not sure if I would be comfortable there so I am not sure if I like it...I am confused. Maybe some sleep will help.

Ann said...

I don't like it. Lockers: boring. Prints all in a row: seen it all before. And, those chairs look way too uncomfortable. Couch: meh, its OK... just...boring. Sorry.

Kerry said...

I have to say serious congratulations to the picture hanger..can you imagine how long it would have taken to get that right! I really like the throw...would love to have a go at making one of those. But overall, it's not 'warm' enough for me even though the additions of the wooden elements have probably been the attempt at doing that. So, it's a 'don't like it very much' from me this week. I do love these posts...such food for thought :)

MJ said...

Sorry but too many square configurations for my liking...and yes agree with Juli re the prints...they are going to get BURNT LOL.

metal cabinents yuck.
prints all in row yuck and unimaginative.

Janine Marshall said...

Oh Wow,
Look what I have been missing!!! Am lovin' these dissect posts, keep them commin'. After looking at the picture for a bit, I would have to say I don't love this room at all. I don't mind the lockers, although to me they seem a bit low and I think they would look better a little higher than what they are. I agree about the prints on the wall, sunlight will damage these in next to no time...Hate the chairs, infact my own taste, hate anything 60's looking. Can't imagine sitting on that couch, style does nothing for me....Love the rug on the floor. Don't like the wooden sculpt thingys but do agree with the previous comments that said the t.v. doesn't scream out at you.

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