Wednesday's Walk-through

This is an amazing house- and my neighbours. Yes I get to look out my window at this gorgeous house everyday. It is very unusual and maybe not everyone's taste but I do admire the effort the owners went to to create their dream home.

A striking exterior - their interpretation of a French Farmhouse.

The dining and kitchen.

The Media Room- very formal.

The Family Room - overlooking the Plunge Pool.

The Ensuite- with a Recollections Vanity.

One of the minor bedrooms.

Just in case you loved it - sorry it sold last weekend. So as we watched the neighbours visiting their new home this is what I was wondering.

Is this your cup of tea? What are your favourite parts of the house?

We would love to hear your thoughts:)


A-M said...

My instant instinct would be to rip all the 'busy-ness' out of it, paint everything white and open the drapes to let the light in. The exterior is breathtaking and looks very French authentic! A-M xx

Looking Glass said...

The furniture is far too formal for my taste, but the home itself is superb. The kitchen too!
I know what you mean, I always wonder about who has lived previously in a home but I like to think that my happy energy will take over :-)
~ Clare x

Milena said...

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go through this amazing house. It's not my style but it was nice to see something different and very unique. I was amazed to see almost every room used wallpaper on the walls and had curtains that also matched the wallpaper. The impression I got was it all looked like being in a French chateau:)

Madonna said...

This walk through couldn't come at a better time! I was just wondering this morning, when a house is so 'opulently'(for want of a better word) decorated, is it still just home, or does it become like living in an artwork with no feet on couches or 'everyday' living??

That said, the exterior is gorgeous. M

Julie-Ann said...

Thanks for all your comments.
For the 2 weeks the house was on the market it was a major source of entertainment for our visitors. 3 groups of people came to visit us but went to check out the house first lol.
It is very opulent but surprisingly light in most of the rooms. We live on top of a hill and all the houses seem to get an incredible amount of light around here. But I prefer a lighter look too.
The couple didn't have kids but a very spoilt dog who liked to sit on the couch in the Media Room and watch cowboy movies lol. So despite it's opulence it was a home. The new owners have 2 baby grandchildren- and as we all know kids & being precious don't mix. I hope they enjoy their new home and avoid the curse of divorce that we seem to be the epicentre of in this neighbourhood:(

Gail McCormack said...

Love the outside!!

Way too busy inside for me!
The black and white floor made me feel sea sick...too big an expanse.

I felt each and every room to be over decorated.

I popped over and caught up on the background of the house, sad, I have a friend going through similar, I must pass on the hints of adding two tooth brushes...borrow some Men's clothes etc. etc.

I've just been reading, over here in Victoria, it's going to be made Legal, when selling, you have to state if someone has been "Murdered" previously in the House!!

What do you think?

Enjoyed this one!

Third Avenue Style said...

The decor is not my thing however that house has amazing potential... Julie-Ann that divorce epicentre dosn't sound too flash - you may need to change it into a lotto winning or 20kg losing epicentre instead & I may consider a change of location.

Jenny said...

Yes the outside is gorgeous, very french. I could cope with the inside for a little while but I think it would overwhelm me and I would have to lighten things a little, peel it back a tag etc...

Julie-Ann said...

Third Avenue Style- actually all the women in the divorces have lost a lot of weight. Even the ones who were skinny in the first place. The only pity is it is not working in this household. Damn being happily married lol.

Elements said...

I really have never seen anything like this in Perth...It would be amazing to see if the new owners keep will have to keep an eye on any skip bins or verge days.

Julie-Ann said...

Rofl (actually that is an understatement Elements). I will have to have you over for coffee to check the house out. I will keep you notified of any signs of change. I tell you what- if there is anything thrown out I will get up early in the morning to take pictures for the blog. So far you people have had me stealing flowers from the neighbours gardens and now photographing their rubbish- what next lol.
The new owners paid a premium for the house - so we figure that must love the look.

The Rose Room said...

Opulent! not to my taste but it is beautiful in its own right! Rachaelxo

Beverley said...

Love the outside! Inside is too stuffy and over decorated...more for a european climate than Australian! Great potential inside though :)

ashley said...

Very late in on this but I just found your blog and I am so hooked you have no idea! Such a small world! I used to work for Acton not too long ago and I think I have a fair idea where this is! Ha!

Julie-Ann said...

Lol a very small world. Lovely to meet you Ashley - why not pop over at chat with us on the Decorating Forum as we are mostly over there:). Off to check out your blog now:)

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