Clever Ways with Televison's

This week on the Decorating Forum we have been looking at some imaginative ways to include that huge flat screen television into your decor.
Some of our forum member's have come up with some very creative solutions. To see them all pop on over to read the whole thread on the Decorating Forum.

A simple but stylish solution.

This is becoming even more popular.

An unusual solution.

Something similar to this was on Divine Design on Foxtel.

Imagine lying in bed and pushing the remote to have your TV lift out of this stylish cabinet- now that's luxury.

And the ultimate TV - in the mirror of your bathroom. A handy way to catch the morning news.

So which idea do you like the best?
How have you added your TV to your decor?

Looking forward to chatting with you :)


Anonymous said...

I love the incorporated mirror, but too many design solutions overlook the best angle and elevation for watching television - I'm thinking of those installed above a fireplace, fine if you are practically lying down, but these tend to be in more formal rooms.

I'm all for video projector and screen, practically invisible when not in use, the full monty while viewing. Plus a small moveable flat-screen for Rachel Maddow.

brismod said...

I actually like the first image best of all - hidden behind a wall unit. It's very discrete.

Elements said...

Some great ideas here...I love that sometimes the tv isn't the focal point of the room....all depending on what type of room of course..

Julie-Ann said...

I like the projector idea Tricia Rose. I looked at that for our formal lounge but the chandelier was going to be in the way. Imagine my horror when it was suggested we get rid of the chandelier:( Lol.
Brismod ikea do a similar unit to the first picture for $777 called Besta/Inreda.
Thanks for all your comments:)

Jenny said...

Some very imaginative solutions. I too like the remote pop up option.

A-M said...

Uggh, wouldn't interior design be easier if TV's didn't exist. I prefer them hidden somehow... like your first image. I think they detract from a fireplace if they are anywhere near them. I agree with 'elements'.. I think they are less noticed if they are not the focal point of the room. A-M xx

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