Wednesday's Walk-through

Today our friend and member from the Decorating Forum Kristie (Elements) shows us the house she and her Hubby finished renovating recently. Kristie has amazing taste and you can follow her latest project on her blog Elements At Home - a brand new home for their family. I have been lucky enough to visit Kristie's new home and the pictures don't do it justice- it is stunning.

This is her story about their renovation project.

Whilst building our dream home we decided to buy a property with the intention of renovating and selling. I had kept my eye on this area for at least a year prior, so I knew the market and what everything was worth. It did mean we had to tighten our belts so much my new hobby was how to sell as mush as possible on ebay to fund any new purchases. But we knew we could do up this property enough to make enough money to fund the fitout of our build.....with our fingers and toes crossed I researched
and bought for our budget reno while Hubby implemented the ideas every weekend.
We felt we would need to appeal to the general public especially 1st this is what we did.
So we purchased for $410k, we spent $18k on paint, tiles, new cabinets in all the wet areas, new carpets, new blinds and curtains and painted the exterior............ and today it settled with a purchase price of $510k.
So in the past 14 months we have bought a property and done it up while we were building and we have now moved in and yes its time to wind down and relax for a little bit.......

The lounge before - in all it's glory.

The lounge after- bought into the new century.

The kitchen before.

The kitchen - what a difference.

The Master Bedroom before.

The Master Bedroom After

I think you will agree Kristie and her Hubby earned every cent- it is an amazing renovation.

Some more good news - Kristie is an Interior Designer. You can contact her for help with your home at

Pop on over today to chat with Kristie and our other lovely members on the Decorating Forum.



Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Very pretty, I love the colors. So peaceful and soothing.

Emma Burgess said...

A fantastic change, looks like lots of hard work went into it's makeover!

brismod said...

It's definitely a more appealing home after the work - the neutral palette is a winner for me.

Lanne said...

It is def more appealling.. congratulations on making such a great is very well earned indeed!

Moags and Smeet said...

Love it! :)

Elements said...

Thanks for featuring our renovation on here Katrina and Julie-Ann. Its nice to show how much hard work and sacrifice went into our little project.
I don't usually talk figures but I like being able to help people see there is still money to be made in property. Thanks for all your lovely comments.

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