Ready, Set, Dissect: Luxury Bathroom

I am so excited to be able to show some of my favourite rooms over the next few weeks.

I love this bathroom but I want to hear what you think of it- so Ready, Set, Dissect.

There are so many more wonderful bathroom ideas for you to see on the Decorating Forum. We hope to see you over there too.



Elements said...

I loove this bathroom...the exposed beams mixed with the hard stone backdrop....practically what would the moisture do to the wood easy is it to clean behind that bath....and you would need to get out of that bath very gently to not get any water on that table...or your towels..
Sorry Practical hat off again....
I love that bath and imagine it would be the prefect place to relax and unwind.

Kerry said...

Yep, I'm with you on this one. What's not to like?

brismod said...

I like the bathtub and the exposed beams on the ceiling. And I love how spacious the room feels.

Julie-Ann said...

If you put a sealer on the timber every couple of years that should be fine. Of course it would have to be a flat finish to not spoil the charm of it. I love the double shower. I adore all that marble. The little table is such a luxurious touch but very practical to rest your champagne glass on lol.
There is only 1 thing missing from this bathroom - a glorious chandelier:)

Kerryanne English said...

I really like a neutral colour scheme for the bathroom and this one looks very relaxing. I could see myself sinking into that deep tub or sharing the shower with a friend [giggle].

Looking Glass said...

Love every tiny detail in this bathroom. Wish it was mine :-)
~ Clare x

Julie-Ann said...

Kerryanne English- does your husband know about this friend??? Rofl.
I wish it was my bathroom too Looking Glass:( Maybe the next house.

Alison said...

Mmmm... close to perfection is that??
As close as you can get.
I love it and wouldn't change a thing

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