Ready, Set, Dissect.

Ready for another one? Last week's response was amazing! Thanks so much. We loved laughing at some of the comments.

Gail said she was agitated.
Annie needed a nanna nap.
Nanny Pickle said the stylist was on some sort of hallucinogen.
I liked it, except the colour was a bit too much.
Kerry said she would see herself in a whole new dimension - 'does my bum look big in this'?
Julie-Ann agreed that the mirrors were too much, but said the colours are coming back in.
AimeeN really loved it.

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 Get to it! 
Ready, Set, Dissect!


Anonymous said...

I love it. So inviting and fresh. It makes me want a nanna nap. There's a common theme here.

Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

I really like it. I don't think I'd change a thing.

Gail McCormack said...

I love it!
The colours seem to bring the room together, very calming.

Keep in mind, I've never read a decorating book in my life! I'm commenting from my heart I guess you'd say.
Although when I paint I'd hope to think I had some sort of sense of putting colours and shapes together to make them work

Elements said...

Initially, 1st glance was...I love it, it looks so inviting and cuddly and then I started staring at the bed head.....
whats going on there.
Little themed bubble bursts all over this room..

On the plus side, the colour palette works well.
I am not sure about the giant cushions placed on the little tub chairs.
I am looking too hard now and getting lost in the features.....must start chanting "less is more, less is more, less is more"

julie-Ann said...

Lol Elements my response was the same.
Yes I love the soft colours but that bedhead is screaming Asia at me.
I love the chandelier but then you know I love a little bling:)
Don't like the cushions on the chairs- they look like pillows.
I do like the floor lamp and how the modern lamp is mixed with the traditional chandelier.
But the bedhead has to go and be painted bright red or black for another room.

Sarah B said...

It's so pretty, comfy and very liveable. Ilike rooms that look like people actually live in them!

Sarah B said...

It's so pretty, comfy and liveable. I like houses that look like someone actually lives there :)

Milena said...

I love it too. The bedroom looks so fresh and inviting.
Love that chandelier above the bed. I want one like that.
Love the bedlinen and that soft throw rug.
I also like the glass desk near the window.
I would take away that cabinet with all that clutter inside it and I would change that bedhead too.

Kerryanne English said...

I'd be happy to sleep in there. Look how comfy and serene it looks.

Kerri said...

I really love the bedhead, i think it stops the room from being too girly and introduces a bit of interest. Looks really restful, just like a bedroom should.

Lorraine said...

A bedroom is supposed to be serene and quiet, not busy. I dislike the bedhead, the large cushions on the chairs.

Kerry said...

I quite like it...except..I really, really hate that punched in cushion thing happening on the armchairs. Who ever thought that looked good? (sorry to anyone who does it!) And it doesn't leave much room to sit on the chairs either..or am I being way too practical??

lanne said...

LOve the bedhead.. the linen is lovely.. a few too many cushions on the bed.. not loving the wallpaper either but it is OK.

BUT... can we please please please stop the karate chop pillow look? It is stupid...

love the rooms you find for us to pick over :)

The Moerks said...

Overall it is very pretty and inviting. Just to be picky though. I don't really like white sheets and cream doona cover, one or the other please. I think the tub chairs clutter it and make it look a bit motel room like. Really, does anyone sit in their bedroom except when hiding from the kids to make a phonecall? Oh and I don't like karate chop cushions either. I do love the chandelier.

Tracy Rudd (ssmama) said...

Overall, I don't mind it, though I wouldn't make the same choices myself.

It's funny, as Julie-Ann & Elements said: it seems harmonious in the beginning and then when you start to break down the details, it actually becomes a bit uncomfortably busy.

Too many cushions (especially in the chairs - bleh!), bit iffy about the wallpaper, find the print on the chairs and the headboard a bit dissonant.

I love the light freshness of it, and lots of light and white. Love the aqua hints, of course, and particularly like the textural quilt cover.

Chandelier? One detail too many - put your hand over the top of the image and the room is immediately more calming.

Wheeeee! This is FUN... :D

Amy said...

I love everything except the headboard. What were they thinking?

Peter Brewer said...

Looks Great. but far too tidy.. I think Mrs B would bash me if I left my wallet, keys and phone on the bedside table, let alone my undies and jeans on the side of a chair...

A Very Fine House {Katrina Chambers} said...

I love the big cushions on the chair - gives them some real depth and height :)

I am also not a fan of mixing white and cream - one or the other! Love the wall the little desk in the bedroom. That will be a must for me in the next house (just for tweeting and blogging hahaha).

Gail McCormack said...

This is fun!

I've come back to catch up on new comments and have realised I was influenced by the colours in the room when I left my initial comment, however I didn't take the time to look past the colours!

I am not a fan of cream and white together and should have noticed that one, I didn't like the karate chop cushions, they tend to make you feel someone was angry when arranging, why would you want them on those chairs? The book shelf thing is too busy for a bedroom, although it seemed to me to have a purpose, working colour themes together..e.g. I noticed in the book case an aqua vase of a similar tone to the bedhead, black dish to work in with the chandelier.

I'm sorry I'm not up to scratch with terminology...but I'm loving this...and am hoping to be "Dissecting" more proficently as I go along

thanks girls...Gail xo

Julie-Ann said...

Love how everyone sees different things in the room.
I don't mind mixing cream and white. I can live with the wallpaper although I have seen much nicer.
I don't like bookcases or desks in bedrooms myself- bedrooms are for sleep and ummm romance (wink).
And I love the cushions on the bed but I think most of us on the Decorating Forum have a passion for cushions:) Check out the topic on the forum Katrina started titled "Bed Pillows"

A Very Fine House said...

Ahh yes I remember this conversation... very funny! Email me for the link if you are not sure how to find the link Julie-Ann mentioned above.

Alison Gibbs said...

Love it BUT not the wallpaper, too many pillows and dump the clutter in the cabinet.
Do really love the colour combo

Kyandra said...

I love it..except for those large cushions on the tub chairs...much the same as the others bloggers..I do like the contrast of white sheets and cream doona (sorry ladies)...especially one as gorgeous as this. And that walllpaper is 'to die for'. I like the soothing colours and eclectic look of asian style bedhead, glass table near the window and chandelier. Maybe a little clutered but I think it's those huge karate chop cushions. I'm sure goldilocks wouldn't have been frightened out of this cosy bed. Kym X

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

I dont like it nope sorry. I do like the colour combo very much but the sharp squares in the bedhead against the curves of bedside tables is a bit "nails on chalkboard" for me. Actually that bedhead is really bothering me, hope it doesnt appear in any horrid nightmares tonight. Oh great thanks for that, was hoping for a restful nights sleep.. ;0)
alicia (chuckle)

The Moerks said...

Julie-Ann, thanks for popping over and for your encouraging comments.

MJ said...

Oh I forgot to check here Friday! But its not too bad except for BED HEAD...and I'm certainly not one for pillows in chairs...and I prefer the legs on the bed to match the dresser/drawers. (Am I being overly picky now.
Also that table near the window is dubious looks suspiciously like an ironing board....(its ok I can see that it's NOT) I just don't like the table- not sure if its aqua or whether that is glass.

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Quick question, are those rabbits sitting in the tub chairs? oh hang on, nope they are cushions (I think)
Alicia ;0)

Julie-Ann said...

You're welcome The Moerks. I love seeing what others are doing in their homes- it's the sticky beak in me lol

Lou said...

Also wanted to add- I think I would either love or hate to have a room dissected here. Do you take reader submissions ;-)

Lou said...

I love the colours and as much as I adore chandeliers the one is this room seems oddly out of place. I love the colour of bedhead but the shape doesn't do it for me either.

Toni said...

Love the chairs, chandelier, floor lamp, bedding, side table and the colours used. I could quite easily curl up on that bed and read my book :)

Desk, headboard and display cabinet doesn't really do it for me :(

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

I don't mind it but I suppose I have had to learn to live with a few different things when renting properties.
I don't like the big cushions on the chairs either but thats because im not sure how I would sit on them with them there? I also don't think the chandelier really fits being black but maybe white would be better or light blue. I like the blue bedhead just because of the colour.

Amanda said...

I really like this room, it's nice and light and bright. I love the bed head and the desk area is gorgeous.

Looking Glass said...

I really love this room. The only exception being the arm chairs, I'm not a fan of the fabric at all. Otherwise, a beautiful, fresh room. Always love a chandelier!
Just found your site today and love, love, love it!
~ Clare x

Anonymous said...

Like the duvet cover with the pintucks. Can you imagine dusting that headboard? Ick. It's not my taste at all to many conflicting paterns and everything pale so nothing is the star in this room. My eyes kept wandering looking for something fabulous, but everything was just okay. Oh, and that dresser as a bedside table would be annoying to use - it's way too high (table should about be the same height as the mattress).

Janine Marshall said...

This bedroom I didn't mind. If we are picking holes in this I would have to say I don't like the bedhead. I don't like the lamp on the far side of the bed it needs to be higher than the bedhead, or at least more on par with it...The lamp (not between the club chairs) but over in the left corner of the room, the lamp next to the bed needs to be around this height, infact it is down so low that all you can see is the shade. I like the club chairs with the big cushions in it, but then I LOVE cushions (haha) the glass topped desk, is okay then I noticed the white drawers underneath...not sure about that. I liked the colour scheme overall.

Janine Marshall said...

I'm back again. Am laughing myself stupid right now after reading Kerri's and Lanne's comments...I have a confession to make, I karate chop my cushions...there I've said it!!! Told you I had a fettish for cushions, I think it's better than having a cushion all dented and ugly, squashed and flat, drives me nuts....

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